Scarborough's best reviewed opticians practice

How do you choose an optician?

The big choice is between national opticians chains and independent opticians. We are an independent opticians practice.

A national or international business chain seeks efficiencies through buying power and by standardising everything including customer care and eye tests.

Independent opticians like us compete on value. Our belief is that you will appreciate the extra time, personal service and individual care you can expect from an independent optician. We’ve been here since 1935 so it’s beginning to look like people agree.

But let’s look at the evidence:

If you want to know which high street optician scores best with customers, search for Scarborough Optician in Google. Check the review scores and the number of reviews.

At the time of writing (25 March 2020), LocalEyes has the best customer satisfaction score of any optician in Scarborough.

That’s our case in a nutshell. You will be happier here because we make it our job to look out for you, to care about you, and to remember you. Sure, you might snag an offer elsewhere, but it won’t make you happier. The proof is in the reviews.

If you’d rather hear it from someone else, see what Which? says. Yes it is a few years old now, but the consumer magazine surveyed its canny readers for their experiences. Guess what? Independent opticians came out top, here’s the report.

Save money by supporting Scarborough’s economy

You might also like the idea of shopping local. If you buy from a national business, some of your money goes out of town, and it should be no surprise to anyone that big businesses are squirreling away profits in tax havens. So some of your money will probably leave Scarborough, leave Britain and end up on an island money pile doing nothing terribly useful for our town.

LocalEyes is, as you might expect, locally owned and staffed. That means your money recirculates around Scarborough which helps to keep other local businesses afloat and the local economy moving. If you like the sound of that, you might like Totally Locally.

How to register with an optician

You don’t have to. Opticians are not like doctors where you have to register and be accepted by a practice. With opticians, all you have to do is book an appointment for your eye test. Of course, you are welcome to pop in to the practice anytime we are open to ask us anything or try on our stock of stylish frames (see what suits you).

Did you know that 85% of our clients are repeat customers? In our modest way we think that our clients value the service and products they get at LocalEyes Opticians, Scarborough.

Thank you to all our clients who are a valued part of our eyecare family.


I’m very happy with my experience at local eyes. Lisa was very patient & professional at all stages, from eye test to final fitting. The frames/lenses she helped me to choose are really comfortable.

Stuart A