How to look great in glasses

What glasses suit my face?

Before we start: you don’t have to know this. We are the experts, and it’s our job to help you look amazing in your new glasses. Our dispensing opticians match people and glasses every day. So you can just relax and leave everything to us, it’s all part of our enhanced service.

However, you might enjoy knowing a little more about how to choose glasses to suit you. If so, here are some of the factors we naturally take into account when recommending frames.

If you talk to our dispensing opticians about this, they will say finding the right glasses is a skill, an instinct, which they’ve developed. They have a special knack, an eye for style. It’s true. Experts often think like this. It’s just they’ve forgotten what it’s like not to have years of experience, but they started with the principles in this article. It’s a special skill that you can acquire, you can do it with practice and it all starts with these style principles.

Do trust your instincts as well. Choosing glasses is fun, and rules are sometimes for breaking, so if you find a frame that lifts your spirit, go with that and you can walk out of the practice with a new joie de vivre.

Your lenses and prescription

Professionally, of course our first concern is that your glasses frame will not only support the lenses you have been prescribed but also fulfil the purpose of your glasses.

For instance, if you have a hobby such as needlepoint, but you typically have the TV on at the same time, you may want frames that easily let you occasionally look above your reading zone to see the TV through the distance zone at the top of your spectacles.

If you need glasses for distance but ride a motorbike to work, your frames are going to have to sit comfortably and securely underneath your helmet.

If your glasses are for going out and socialising, then style may be the biggest consideration (alongside being able to recognise friends across the room).

Having taken into account your lifestyle, we can then look at ..

Your face shape

Most people tend towards roundness or squareness in their face, and the basic technique is to choose the opposite in frame shape.

If you remember the comedian Benny Hill, he had a round face, and when he added round glasses it made for a comical effect. We don’t usually want that, so we would usually aim for balance with a rounder face being complemented by a squarer frame to enhance your look.

Take a look in the mirror and see what you think about your face shape. Then try some frames with the opposite shape and see the effect. We think you will like the result.

Your colouring

The other main consideration is your colour palette. Start with your eye colour. If you know your colour theory you can choose whether to find an opposite colour in order to add energy and pizzazz to your look, or a complementary colour so you look harmonious and easy to talk to. It depends how you want to appear to others.

If you don’t know what is the opposite to your eye colour, try this. First identify your eye colour. Then find a large expanse of something the same colour, and a plain white wall or sheet of paper. Stare at the colour for a while, and then at the white paper, and you’ll see a colour hue. That’s the opposite colour. For instance if you play snooker, when you look up everything’s got a red hue because red is opposite to green. In terms of eye colours though, the opposite of blue is orange, and the opposite to brown is blue.

Eye colour isn’t the only thing, you probably know what colours suit you .. what is the predominant colour in your wardrobe? Take into account your hair colour and your skin tone. If you wear make-up you might even consider matching lipstick with your frame colour.

And of course there are some frames that ‘disappear’ and don’t make a statement at all. We can help you with all of this by booking a style consultation appointment where we allocate time exclusively for you with our frame stylist to individually help you find your new look.

Of course you are welcome into the practice any time and you can try out different frames without an appointment, but the start of your journey is often an eye test, because then we know the lenses you need and your purpose and we can help you choose the right glasses for your lifestyle.

You can book your eye test now .. during normal opening hours feel free to call us but you can also book your eye test online at any time. Let’s get started ..

Very personal and friendly service and a good range of unusual frames with helpful advice on choosing the most suitable. Pleasant and unrushed experience. I used Local Eyes for my previous glasses and intend to return in two years for the next appointment.Highly recommend. 😊.

Helen R