It's always sunglasses season in Scarborough

Always buy polarised sunglasses.

There. We said it.

If you’re wondering where to buy sunglasses, bear in mind that many high street sunglasses are not polarised. You might wear sunglasses for their air of relaxation but instead spend your time squinting because of glare and battling through an eyestrain headache .. not, we expect, the outcome you wanted.

Simply, polarised sunglasses remove much more of the glare. Most people who have moved to polarised sunglasses swear they’ll never go back, not only for the genuine relaxation but also because without glare, everything looks extra sharp.

Let’s also acknowledge that we live in the north. We get low winter sun at drive-time. Summer or winter in Scarborough, it’s always sunglasses season.

At LocalEyes, we have a large range of designer sunglasses including the latest RayBans available immediately.

How to choose sunglasses

Of course, anyone can wear sunglasses, but if you need eyesight correction and you’re wondering how to choose sunglasses you’ve a few things to consider. Which of these is your preferred option?

  • Prescription sunglasses provide complete freedom, just pop them on and you are good to go. Of course, you’ll need to change them as your prescription changes (but more often than not they’ll need changing by then anyway).
  • Select from our range of non-prescription sunglasses and wear contact lenses underneath. It’s a good solution but your eyes might feel it if you’ve a very long drive or day out as contact lenses can dry out after a while.
  • Try clip-on sunglasses. This limits your style choices but works well for functional situations such as driving, where you might need glasses for distance which you can use at night with a good anti-glare coating, but then when the sun comes out, clip on your clip-ons.
  • Finally of course you can get photochromic lenses which change depending on the light conditions.

Which sunglasses suit my face?

Style-wise, our advice is similar to that on our glasses page: pick a frame to suit your face shape and consider what colours suit you. In this case, however, eye colour is not the predominant consideration as usually your eyes will be hidden. Instead, emphasise your skin and hair colour.

I am so pleased with my new glasses especially the ones for use in the car. All the staff are brilliant and the whole experience was first class.

David L