Free hearing and tinnitus test

Is your TV on loud?

As we get older our hearing and our eyesight both gradually decline. Since you trust us with your eyesight (thank you) it makes sense for us to help with everyone’s near-inevitable hearing loss.

The decline in both senses carries a social cost. If we are not sure that’s our friend across the road and we don’t wave, our friend may think we saw them and we snubbed them. Similarly with hearing, if we mis-hear or can’t hear, if we start to nod and smile when being told something serious, the effort to interact with us becomes harder and our social life starts to wander off and leaves us sat watching TV with subtitles on.

Hearing loss can even lead to cognitive decline and ultimately depression. With less stimulus, the brain simply has less work to do and gets lazy.

For these reasons and more, you have a lot to lose from your friends, family and quality of life if you don’t keep on top of the sight and hearing decline that we all have to face as we get older.

To keep you connected with your friends, family and hobbies, we’ve introduced Pagan & McQuade Hearing to offer hearing tests and hearing aids from Audibel, a leading manufacturer in audiology, made in the UK with US technology.

In the back of your mind you’re probably thinking that hearing aids cost a lot of money. Maybe you’re feeling “I’m not too bad, I’ll leave it for now”. But try this: Ask your family about your hearing. You can’t know what you are missing, but your family will tell you. Anyway, the hearing test is free, so there’s nothing stopping you booking your hearing test now, so you’ll know exactly what’s what. For many it provides them the reassurance that they are not ready yet. If it turns out a hearing aid would help, you may be pleasantly surprised that, like all technology, the prices are always coming down.

You may also believe that nothing can be done about tinnitus, but that’s our specialist subject. Most hearing tests don’t have the specialist device, a tinnometer, to accurately find your ‘frequency’ (if there is one) .. but we do and we may be able to help.

Lovely welcome from the staff and a very professional eye test and a free hearing test too. No issues getting an appointment to suit and good choices of frames. Recommend this branch to everyone

Susan D